Solving compliance and operational challenges with centralized data management

As long as the regulatory status of cannabis businesses doesn’t change, compliance reporting will remain a constant struggle and a time drain. We know some of you have learned to roll with the punches and keep putting lots of hours in on compliance tasks, like entering your records into Metrc. The prospect of breaking the mold is kinda scary because the old ways do work. The big question is – are they even compatible with business growth?

We seriously doubt that. As software vendors, we see centralized and automated data management as the only way for you to stop surviving and start thriving. Greenventory by HandiFox gives you the right data in the right form, which ensures

  • Data-driven decision-making. Knowing your best-sellers, slow-moving cannabis products, potential out-of-stocks, or inventory availability for production makes you proactive. You are prepared to tackle a problem before it’s even at your doorstep.
  • Better employee performance. Given how fast some minor inconsistencies can become major headaches, your team will appreciate a tool that could make the data input and collection easy, quick, and accurate.
  • Built-in compliance. The system gets your real-time inventory and sales data over to Metrc automatically, saving you tons of hours in manual entry. If you are required to zoom in on any bit of data during an audit, you’ll be able to easily extract or trace it back to associated transactions.

If you are the holder of manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, or micro-business licenses, most of your daily operations revolve around inventory intake, counting, allocation, taking orders, fulfilling them, and documenting your work compliantly. No matter your role on the team, you’ll get the data insights you can draw on to get your job done effectively.

If most of your tasks are inventory-related here is the data you can keep tabs on via the Greenventory app:

  • On-hand inventory: incoming, reserved (for sales or manufacturing), outgoing
  • Lab test results from Metrc (updated in real-time)
  • Replenishment needs based on low inventory alerts
  • Mismatches during inventory intakes
  • Errors/inconsistencies found during incremental counts
  • Soon expiring non-cannabis products
  • Inventory movements across licensed facilities
  • Metrc sync logs

If you oversee the production, Greenventory ensures that you are up to speed on:

  • Inventory available for the production of a given product
  • How many products a production run will result in (thanks to package usage prediction)
  • What and how many orders are in progress or completed

If you are on the order fulfillment/sale team, Greenventory gets you quick access to:

  • All customer orders (new, in progress, fulfilled)
  • Customer profiles
  • Repackaging possibilities (uniting or splitting packages with one strain)
  • Pick lists and Pack slips
  • Sales reports
  • Invoices
  • Payments (due, accrued)

It’s easy to get oversaturated and tangled in data. By centralizing your data management, you get one trusted source of information that can help all of your teams navigate through daily operational challenges.

Greenventory has a 14-day test drive – sign up now.