2021 in review by Greenventory

2021 has been the first year of Greenventory in the cannabis ecosystem. Tapping into this area was a growth opportunity for us. Having worked over a decade on inventory management software for small businesses, we started getting too comfortable. The limitations and stringent control that keep on toes the entire cannabis industry were new and exciting problems to solve. Let’s rewind 2021 and run through some major features and improvements we managed to deliver.

Manufacturing functionality

This is the most anticipated feature of the year for cannabis processors for sure. The manufacturing module of the software allows creating manufacturing presets (recipes), generating manufacturing orders, and using non-cannabis lot-tracked components on those orders. Thanks to Greenventory, now your production processes are in sync with your inventory and documented in a Metrc-compliant way. See the release notes here.

Some hot product updates of the summer 2021

There’ve been a few:

  • Lab test result tracking – Greenventory started tracking lab test statuses from Metrc to keep its users in the loop about which packages are good to sell and which aren’t yet. (release notes)
  • Excise tax. We added the ability to set up and apply excise tax to sales transactions with cannabis items. (release notes)
  • Merge packages. Alongside splitting packages, Greenventory users got the ability to merge packages for selling or transfer, which resulted in new packages with new IDs. (release notes)
  • Blocking negative transactions. We added this feature to safeguard the users from saving transactions with items whose quantity on hand is negative. (release notes)
  • Mass-updating Item, Customer, and Vendor data via an Excel file. (release notes)

Label printing

We also tackled the problem of compliant labeling by introducing a variety of compliant cannabis label templates for flower and manufactured cannabis products. Make sure you generate barcodes for your packages – they’ll go on a label, too. Check this update here.

Greenventory is operational in Oklahoma

We were excited to roll out a version that Oklahoma cannabis processors and distributors could use to automate their operations and compliance with Metrc. Oklahoma is new to this track-and-trace system, so we hope Greenventory helps them adapt to and successfully implement the new compliance practices.

Participation in MJBizCon and the NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

Definitely a bright spot in 2021 for us. Over 50 meetings in two days and we weren’t even exhibiting! We met a lot of passionate, forward-looking people with some great insights we took home. Looking forward to next year!

Nikita and Ruslan demoing Greenventory to Jessica Velazquez, CPA and Founder of Indiva Advisors

Nikita and Ruslan with the GeoShepard team

Also, it was our first time attending the NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit & Expo held on December 15-17 in San Francisco. Who dares to teach must never cease to learn, they say. So we came here to learn from cannabis professionals so we can deliver a better experience and a relevant product to the industry. Hands down, the best educational cannabis event!

Overall, it’s been a good year. We thank everyone who was generous with their time and guided us towards a better product by taking a demo or a trial. We wish you happy holidays and a safe new year!