Inventory tracking

Track, locate, reserve for sales, move, count, and adjust inventory across facilities.

Speed and accuracy through barcoding

Scan in/out to locate, count, receive, transfer, pick/pack, and add packages to customer, manufacturing orders, and invoices.

Purchasing and stock intake

Barcode-verify incoming stock against purchase orders linked to Metrc manifests. Replenish based on sales and demand forecasts.

Inventory audit

Save time on routine inventory checks. Improve accountability and transparency during regulatory audits. 

Order fulfillment

Track, process, and verify customer orders through the barcode-enabled pick/pack procedure. Convert packed orders into Invoices.

Product labeling

Print on the go and adjust the printing volume to your current needs with a wide choice of compliant cannabis label templates. 


Manage customer profiles, preset price levels, generate invoices and sales receipts. Gain insights through sales reports.

Metrc and QuickBooks

Cut on hours of admin and reconciliation work with inventory updates flowing seamlessly into Metrc and QuickBooks Online.

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